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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Art Karnival: Boysen Color Play

Last June, Boysen participated at SM North's event, Art Karnival with their Boysen Mix and Match Color Play Set-Up. 

It's the most colorful maze I've ever seen with their bright colors making the white vibe of the mall look dull.

My friend Edz and I tried it coz why not :p and above all, it's free!!

Upon entering this sugoii af maze, you'll find blocks these cubes filled with different shapes and colors.

 she does look happy choosing lolol
Even though she preferred the violets only- her fave color. 

It was so fun yet confusing coz I got stuck on what color to choose X.X 
I wanna have them all but they only allow three blocks. 

 we totally blend in with our hair colors wtf I just noticed it now xD

After 12400646422 years, we finally made up our minds on what to use.
So for the second round, PAINTING TIME!

Colors for painting looked so used na coz it's almost their pack up time when we signed up. :(

and this was our finished product!
Edz's looks so artistic while mine looks like it was made by a 2 yr old baby T^T
and for that, I wanna thank Boysen for simply reminding me how awful I am in arts. 

Nevertheless, worth a try! :))

Aside from the customization, they offer other free activities such as Photo Sticker Printing and VR Experience for more intense palette sight seeing!
All for free guysss!

Kudos to the Boysen Team for this wonderful brief escape from the blunt world. Edz and I had so much fun, nakakabata kase para kaming tanga tawa lang ng tawa kkkkk. #youngatheart

Til' here na lang!
See you on my next entry guys..
Wuvyuuuuu >///< 


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June 2017

Hey Hey Hey! it's me again Grace, 
and look at me shamelessly blogging my first entry for July. Super duper late I know hahahaha and I'm sorry!

So eto na nga, medyo naging busy lang ang lola mo last June coz of the numerous occasions.

Starting with Father's Day. :)
Hi Dad!! ♥
Family Dinner out.

 A family that eats together, gets fat together hahahaha! 

It's also Mom and Dad's 26th Wedding Anniversary. 
They used to be happy like this, this photo was taken just a year ago on the same occasion, on their 25th. I wish Mama can see it today
coz I'd trade anything in the world to see that smile again. :(
They are the best parents that I could ever have even though we only got Dad left with us, I know she's somewhere over there in the heaven, celebrating with us.
I love you both Mama and Papa ♥

Now let's move on before I start crying buckets again. 

So as you know guys,
I'm not really into food.

 like I'm on a strict diet (PS: Matcha Hunt Series Addition)

 I only stuff myself with healthy stuffs #goinggreen

and I hate Sisg to death (note the sarcasm, btw thank you KKK for a wonderful dinner date experience, may pakandila pa sila akala ko may vigil kems!)

and I chose wheat bread from these trash right here..

A new segment: How to Instagram 101 Lesson!

 since I'm not the instagrammable type of person 
These are the poses that I came up with.

1.)The usisera side view pose.

2.)The ako ang dati mong kuya poker face pose.

3.)The ang ganda ng shandelurrr pose.
too many non-sense na hahahaha auq na

I had a rare opportunity to meet my college friends again!Yay! :D
and you know how it always ends- Shots!

I realized two things that night:
1.) Give me 4 bottles of beer and I become this brave woman who shamelessly jammed with the band during one of their sets. 
2.) #Adulting

and before I forgot, I promised on my last post that you'd see me blog more often but kept it a secret hahaha so now the grand reveal is here!
I bought my own laptop na guys ! ;__-;
YESSS ! I can publish more entry na since my laptop will always be with me.
and I just can't express my happiness ! This is my second investment to myself after my phone xD #littlethings and I feel accomplished too! ♥♥♥

And in my movie department, 
my man and I watched "The Space Between Us".
It's about a teenage love story of a Martian and a woman from Earth. 
and idk how it made me cry but it just did. I'm not gonna spoil you or anything so you better watch it ! :D But I got a new crush on Asa Butterfield. He seriously reminds me of someone hahahaha! just no telling :p

and one more thing, 

I was thinking should I post an entry every other day? 
Hmmmmm.. In that way, I can regulate my schedule but I'm afraid I might ran out of topics to tackle lolol. 
Just a thought lang naman. Still unsure if I wanna give it a go since I'm inactive most of the time. Bahala na mamshieess.

Til here, 

Thank you for reading. :) ♥


Monday, June 26, 2017

The Lumineers "Sleep on the Floor"

Have you experience listening to a song for the very first time and find yourself hooked on it ? Here's the best example guys and I'm telling you this song give me all the feels I never knew were there !!

What I love about this song, is that it's a complete nostalgia for me. 
All the more with the message itself. Going away with someone and just letting life where it takes you. 

♪♪Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
'Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown
Baby come on♪♪


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Five Things To Do Less Often

So I was contemplating a while ago just about everything and I ended up with this topic. There are some things we tend to over-do that we doesn't necessarily need to. We may be doing it over the top without knowing and we still think it's okay. And I might be guilty with some of these but let's see if you happen too!

So without further ado, let's start!

Here are the five things we need to do less often:

1.) Taking photos of your food.
- Guilty me! But honestly, it's an old story people got used on doing it on a normal basis. We take photos of our food instead of praying first. It's sad that we forgot the main reason why we're all gathered in the dining table.
We get that it's too pleasing in your eyes to not take photo that will serve as a remembrance especially when it's on your fave or fancy restaurant, but doing a little less of it will surely do you good. :)

Can we just munch on food already ? :D

2.) Drinking alcohol religiously.
Alcohol became a huge part of almost every event. Birthdays? Graduation? worst, a heartbreak? it's always there. But as much as I hate to break it up to you. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis could get you in serious health trouble. While it may also contain chemicals that can do good to your body, the downside of it can double up. I, myself drink alcohol, but I only do it when I feel like and that doesn't mean everyday. Once a while is enough and a self control can help you too!

3.) Staying out ALL THE TIME.
Hey! Hi! You still have a family who's waiting for you at home. 
 Sure you don't want to miss out on a that friend's night out at your go-to club or a sleepover at your SO's house while you do netflix and chill but really, you do it more often that you're missing some important people at your home. How about a cooking sesh together with your mom ? or even simply joining them for dinner? A quality time for your fam can never beat any of those I have mentioned above. Spend some time with them while you can coz at the very end of the day, they are the ones who really care for you. 

4.) Posting so much on social media.
Yes, posting every little thing on social media can be quite interesting and superb annoying. First, no one likes to see their newsfeed looking like it's your own timeline with your flood posts. You need to chill woman. Second, posting too much about yourself can get you in danger, so better be careful sharing everything before you hit that post button. Third, it really does get annoying over time. How about loosening it up a bit and enjoy more of what's outside your mobile screen ?

5.) Comparing yourself.
Admittedly guilty girl here ! Whether it's about their rich lifestyle, or by how the way they look. You know just because they're much prettier, richer or sexier doesn't mean you're not. Well here's the good news, you can be! just in a unique way. Don't let these insecurities brainwash your mind and your heart. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Stop comparing yourself to them, you're all good on your own girl!

and there's so many more!
But that's all I could come up with right now since it's already way past 11 pm.
btw, did you fall into some of those ? IF you happen to.
Tara let's help each other, bawas bawasan natin :) 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Villman Computer Systems Inc. @ 25

I know most of you don't know what kind of work I'm in, (aside from the dirty works ssshhh lol) and for the first time ever, I'm gonna share it to you guys. :)

I'm currently working as a service coordinator or known as RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization/Authorizer) at Villman Computer Systems Inc.
Being only a year in service, I'm overwhelmed to be part of its 25th year celebration. 

In regards to that, Villman held its own celebration located at Villa Riza Resort, Nueva Ecija (which is also owned by one of the executives), last May 25, 2017.

so without further ado, lets's start!

Call time at our head office was 5am. 
I sat down on the bus with my bestest of the best girl friend, Edz. 
It was my first time in Nueva Ecija and my oh my sure the travel period was no joke. We got there around 9 am where the managers were waiting. 

Our store manager/ our boss welcomed us in his room and we roamed around the resort. They provided us free snacks for breakfast and were told to put on our Villman customized shirt for the video shoot. It was a bright sunny day!

Villman Family !!
 and while waiting for the cue, I asked Edz to take photos of me because I'm feeling cute that day. So in short, maumay kayo.
 and yes naka medyas lang ako nyan xD

Saturday, June 3, 2017

May 2017

Hi guys ! You're back with me, Grace.

For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome !♥
I write about my daily life, adventures and even misadventures and other random stuffs that I simply want to talk about.
And as you can see, this page looks dull and unorganized coz I manage everything by my sole self and I made this out of the purpose of sharing my thoughts into the internet world. I don't really know how to tweak settings, I just do what I can to make this somehow appealing to my readers (if there are any). 
but hey hey hey, I'm here- still here so can we start now ? :D

May- Aside from the summer vacay, it is also known for mother's day.
And to tell you guys, this is the very first time we're having that occasion  without my mother who's probably right here with me right now while I type this in her room. Days before it, I was getting all these emotional feelings :( There was one time where I just sat there listening to the songs she used to sing and cried my eyes out. I know she can hear me. I know she's out there that night. 

I'm not the fondest on this occasion but you still deserve all the best mom. So to my mom in heaven, I love you. 
And  I promise you one day, we will celebrate it with smiles on our faces and acceptance in our hearts. 

But for now, we're happy to see you. ♥ Hope you're doing fine out there! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Staycation at Azure Urban Residences Beach Club

Bryan and I booked an overnight stay at Azure Paris Beach Resort just because we both need to have a quick escape from everything for a while. I've been eyeing this one ever since it's opened to public and I see a lot of sponsored posts about it so we decided to gave it a try. 

Days before I checked their page and was disappointed with the amount of negative feedbacks. Starting from the arrogant guards and unhelpful staffs to checking in problems, I prepared myself to experience those. 

But that didn't stopped us from being all hype !

... and off we go. 

Upon arriving at the gate, we presented the guest advise form that they asked us to print the day before our booking date. Got no issues and we got in.
Check in time is 12 nn, but we arrived a little late. Worried about our booking getting cancelled lol the receptionist, checked us in. We presented our valid I.D.s in exchange for our Visitor's Pass. (which should always be in one's possession when leaving the unit) Our contact person, Ms. Stephanie arrived shortly and escorted us to our unit. She's so friendly, and accommodating! 
She explained a couple of things to us before leaving. 

The room is clean and it has everything you need!
From wifi (which has a really fast connection!) to kitchenware!
Perfect for staycations talaga :)

awwed at the black and white theme interior of the room. 

There's also a balcony near the bedroom ♥