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Thursday, December 7, 2017

November 2017

So in just a blink of an eye, we're almost done with 2017 !

Hello December, my birth month and I know you guys don't care but I'm now accepting gifts in any kind (but lowkey prefer ca$h ) kidding ! but if you're serious yo gurrl right here is just a chat away *winks*

December is now here, but before I spill all my christmas-y feels let's first talk about November. 

Aside from All Soul's Day, November 7 is the first anniversary of my mom. 
 I just really can't imagine how fast a year went by. Sleepless and lonely nights all while constantly trying to live a normal life, it was difficult. 
Most of the days, I have to pretend I'm okay. I'm happy and everything is totally fine when deep inside you actually wanna die as well.
Every day I wake up, I have to remind myself that she's no longer here and that went on for a year, until this day. 

The pain, I know it won't go away but I'm trying, we are all trying to fill in the void and be complete even if it's only the four of us. 
It will take years for us to finally accept you being gone and we're on the right path of moving on. I just really need time to cope. More time. 
But Hi mama, I always say this, but I hope you're happy.
I hope you're watching us from above. 
We are always missing you but heyyy, we're getting the hang of it!
I hope you're proud of us four who are all struggling to do simple house chores hahahaha!We still need to try harder though but we're getting there.
I love you Ma! ♥

so before I actually start crying in rivers, let's move onto the next topic. 
Me and my sissy finally had the time to date and have our quality time. 
We rarely see each other now ever since she moved out and I do miss having dates like this. This time, we went to Lucky Chinatown!

at Ramen Kuroda!!

and on a separate day, 
We had coffee ♥

but not all dates are happy, this November my girlfriend, Edz (you probably have seen her in some of my previous posts) she flew to Dubai for work :'(
on her last few days here in Manila, we took lots of photos and videos of each other like it's our last because reality check I don't know when we will meet again. She makes my work place more tolerable and I'm terribbly already missing her.  

She is my best friend. The closest girl friend I've ever had.  
The kind of person who doesn't sugar coat things and would straight up give you her honest opinion. That's what I like about her.
What a sweetheart right? I love you Edishingggg!!
Friendship won't just end just like this, see you real soon ! :)

On the third week of November, your girl here is once again a Godmother!!
Christening of Zaccheus, my college friend's son. 

 Attended it with some of my friends and, my man was there too. 

With some of them engaging in the very awkward and confusing thing called "adult life", I'm left with some real "momma talk" I wish I can relate lol

 here are some of the photos we had from the photo booth!

Last month, Edz and I tried Frankie's!
This time I'm going back with my man. Salted Egg for the win! :D

a rare photo of me and my one true love♥

okay, so I've been trying to make simple and easy desserts for weeks now.
and that day, I decided to try the infamous Graham Balls!
and it made me realize so many disappointing sides of me. YEP.
I manually crushed the grahams which required too much work for a beginner like me. I heard you can buy the crushed ones, bet I didn't look hard enough at the supermarket that's why I ended with this. 
If you can see the mortar and pestle in the frame, you can also see my bloody sweats I got from crushing.. hahahaha!
 At this point, I've started to question myself why. 
Why did I even think of this ?
Maybe it's because it's my first time doing some sweets like I have God given talent- in which you can tell= hell to the NAH.

but surprisingly it turned out good!!!
because I made it by tweaking the contrast so it would look lively and edible
it with love. 

 I know you're all curious what the genius Grace did to achieve this level of self embarrassment self confidence to actually share this here on my blog, so fret not, I'm here to save the day. 

Here's the recipe since I'm feeling generous.
This recipe is good for people who can sit down for hours molding the grahams dough like into circles. (Took me hours to finish molding a 15 pieces graham balls). Good for someone who has all the time in the world. 

-1 pack of M.Y San Grahams
-1 Condensed Milk
-5 pieces of Milo Sachets

First, crushed the grahams until they turn into powder like.
Second, mix it with the condensed milk, (prepare your arms for some major mixing), mix the fuck out of it until it looks like a dough.
Third, if you think you have achieved the right consistency of the dough then you're wrong you can go on with fourth step, which is molding them into circles.
Fifth, and optional, you can put melted milo for a sweeter and more yummy road to diabetes chocolate surprise. 
Sixth and last step, design them balls. I dip some of them into the milo powder while the rest are laced with sprinkles coz what could be more appealing than a colorful bunch of another sugar. 

put them in the fridge and now you can brag it to everyone just like what I did. 
tell me if you try it okayy ?? I need to know hahaha so we can talk about it and laugh at each other. 

I'm ending my blog with this pineapple plushie that I got from a claw machine!!!
For the first time ever!!
and this was also my legit reaction when I got this boo♥♥♥
Edz and I were jumping around from the excitement lol!

If you have read it up until here, then you're a sucker of this blog hahahahaha!
Kidding!!! Thank you guysss! 

See you real soon. 


Friday, November 17, 2017

Masasa Beach Experience + Anniversary Trip

Oh hi there !
Look at me trying to be active on my blog (which is a good thing!)

Me, together with my man and my sister headed off to Masasa Beach to have our quick escapade from the city life. oh and I know you guys don't care hahaha but we're actually there to celebrate my man and I's first anniversary fyi #cheesy and yeah my sister thirdwheeled on us! Loveyou Sissy! ♥ We've been dreading to go to a beach that is budget friendly and somewhere that is not overly crowded. Upon Bryan's researched, a lot of peeps recommended Masasa Beach located in Batangas. Budgeting for almost Php1,000 only in exchange for a breathtakingly beautiful paradise, now who wouldn't want that right ? (I'll breakdown our expenses below for your reference)

Our actual anniversary date is October 30 (a not so convenient date to travel/celebrate coz of the "undas"/holiday season)
 thanks babe btw -_- with so many people wanting to go home to their late loved ones, I dated it a day early on 29-30 (overnight).
He got in contact with Sir Donald, who owns a transient house in Tingloy for our homestay. Everything sure is settled !

Come October 29, 2017.
Packed and ready for the trip, we went to Buendia Terminal at 3am. Fearing the amount of passengers piling up in line (because again undas ya'll ) but to our surprise there was none!
The terminal was not even jampacked like what I had expected. So with a huge relief, we hopped into the bus and slept our way through Batangas. It was around 5 am in the morning when we reached Batangas Central Terminal. 
The locals were so helpful! There were actually jeepneys waiting there so we rode the one with the Anilao Port Route. It was an hour travel from the terminal to port and from there we paid Php30 for the environmental fee. Listed our names for the registration on the boat and off we went.

at Anilao 

Again, another hour for the boat ride, we paid Php80 fare from Anilao Port to Tingloy. I was lowkey freaking out coz the ocean scares me. Yep, deep blue see is one of the many fears I have :3

From Tingloy we made our way to Pirasan where our transient house was located. We paid Php120 for the tricycle ride. Little did we know, we can actually save that tricycle fare if we hadn't rode the wrong boat. There was a different pier aside from the one that we got off at which was a walking distance from our transient. Anyways, it's all good still. 

This is the mini pier that I was talking about fyi :3

There Nanay Marilyn, the caretaker/host of our transient was waiting. 
She welcomed us and even helped us with our stuffs. T^T
We stayed for a night there for only Php300/head. Her family was so welcoming too! I'm so not used to being treated like a VIP so I was so shy :3
But damn that hospitality. !! She offered to cook the rice that we had brought with us and served us sinigang coz the ones we have were only canned goods. ;__;

We took a quick nap before heading off to Masasa Beach!! 
Nanay Marilyn's son Kuya Janjan took us to the beach with yet another boat ride. 

Kuya Janjan even helped us pitch our tent ;___;
They were so maasikaso grabe, that's the one thing I've noticed.
They really do make the guests feel welcome ♥

and the photo op started hahahahaha! like the tourist we are!

For Php20/head you can enjoy unlimited photo sesh with this sand art!

The ocean's water is pristine and clearer than my eyesight :3

Swimming time !
Pakapalan na talaga bes. 
I know I look like Ursula. Don't worry I bodyshamed myself no need for you to judge -_- but in all seriousness, this is the first time I wore a swimsuit in a beach. I felt anxious but I couldn't careless. 
I was there to have fun, not be judged by those intriguing stares. 
I hope you had a good view of my ass while you're at it. hahahahahaq
 PS: Us plus women, shouldn't be ashamed of our body. We got the right junk all in the right places lolol *winks*

My boyfriend turned into an instagram boyfriend in a day!
Doing a badass job for a beginner hahaha! 
Landian coz it's our anniv celebration trip. ♥

and here we have our thirdwheel sister enjoying her own little world being dramatic at the shore. 

We also tried Snorkeling for only Php100/head ! What a bargain for an hour of sneak peeking into the ocean's treasures. 

and yes your girl was freaking out the whole time.
One for the fact that Manong took us into somewhat the farthest part yet from the shore that I've ever been. 
Second, was the deep blue eerie scary sea. 
Third, was the thought that I might get bitten by sharks. Yep. My anxiety level was at its peak when I throw myself into the waters. >_<
But none of those stopped me from enjoying the beautiful coral reefs underneath. We were able to see some gigantic pawikans !! It was so close we nearly touched!!

I must say, I was able to conquer my fear. 
But that doesn't mean it's permanently gone xD maybe little by little.

So back at the shore, we took pics again since we're about to go back to our inn. 

and here's a reminder that I was there. ♥

It's now time to go home...

The next day, we bid our farewells to Nanay Marilyn and headed on our way.
But first, breakfast! We tried eating at this carinderia at Anilao Port and my sister recommended the Lomi Batangas. It's so yummy! and for only Php40!

and now I'm ending this post with the photo of our good old sister hahaha ! 
Thank you for coming with us despite the fact that you're gonna be a thirdwheel. I love you ate♥ 

Here's a breakdown of our expenses:

•Bus Fare 
Manila(Buendia LRT Station-Batangas vice versa)= Php 157 x 2=314

•Jeepney to Anilao Port= Php37 x 2= Php74
•Environmental Fee = Php30
•Boat Ride= Php80 x 2 =Php160
•Transient Overnight Stay = Php300/head 

*Important Note: Camping overnight is prohibited, visitors are only allowed to pitch tents until 7PM. And please, please be a responsible human. Don't liter everywhere and make sure you don't leave your trash and personal belongings.

•Snorkeling = Php100/head
They also offer island hopping but we didn't try it.
Note: Food not included. 

Total Expenses: Php978

This is our itinerary:

•3:00 AM-5:00 AM= LRT Buendia Station- Batangas Central Terminal
•5:30 AM-6:30 AM= Terminal to Anilao Port
•7:30 AM-8:30 AM= Boat Ride to Tingloy
•8:30 AM-9:50 AM= Tricycle Ride to Pirasan where our transient is located
•9:00 AM-12 PM= Lunch and a little rest at our transient
•12:30 PM-12:40 PM= Boat ride to Masasa Beach from the transient
•1:00 PM-6:00 PM= Aura sa Beach lol
•6:30 PM-7:00 PM= Walked from Masasa back to the transient/ yes you can walk home because it's low tide at night. 
•7:30 PM= Dinner 

-end of the day-

-the next morning-
•6:00 AM-7:00 AM= Boat Ride from Pirasan mini pier to Anilao Port
•7:00 AM-8:00 AM= Breakfast at Anilao
•8:00 AM-10:00 AM= Jeepney Ride to Batangas Terminal plus the heavy traffic
•10:30 AM-12:00 PM= Back in Manila

We have so many travel plans ahead and we're just starting our journey. 
Thank you guys for reading up until here :)
Here's a cookie.

Photo Credit goes to my man ♥♥♥

"It was around 5am of the 30th of October 2017 when I heard the sweetest whisper of an anniversary greeting followed by a kiss that sent chills down my spine".