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Saturday, September 16, 2017

August 2017

If you're wondering why I'm super duper late it's because my lazy ass be winning last month-present T^T can I get an amen for being the most masipag blogger ??? :D 

Heyyyyyy !!! it has been a while!

Do you guys missed me ? :p

as for August, hmmmm..
if you're thinking this one is gonna be different, well you're wrong coz again it's gonna be about F O O D. 

  but on a serious note, August 15 was my momma's birthday. ♥
her very first birthday without here. :'( 
Sana man lang dumalaw sya sa panaginip ko.
We visited her in the morning and wailed myself in front of her grave.
Hi Mama, I miss you so so so much. Things would be very different if you're still alive. The house won't feel this empty. People here won't see us differently. 
It's just so many blur. So many things have changed here honestly.

So I wish you are still here.
And there's nothing more I can ever hope in life. :(

Happiest Birthday Mama!
You are the most beautiful woman and no one can ever beat that. 
For sure ang bongga ng handa mo dyan sa heaven and you get to celebrate with angels and Him ♥
I wanna end this in a positive light, so mamshie I hope you're all well and happy na and please lang, dalaw dalaw din kapag may time :) 
I love you and I will always miss you Atunton.

*clears throat*

so I try this new Endless OS and it's so effin cool !
More so, you can download it for free!
I found this from one of my product training held by Acer, coz they're the first brand to use it. 

Perks? Unlike the ones we use today, this operating system can be use even without internet. And that alone means a lot! Considering internet is the main medium we people use to do our stuffs but this endless OS can do the job. 
It has pre installed Wikipedia and how to's articles. They have music and videos too yep again, pre installed when you download it. Oh and did I say they have super fun games too when you get bored? 

I've tried it myself! It was user friendly as well. I didn't have a hard time navigating and exploring it. 

As much as I wanna keep using it, my laptop is in a very limited state lol.
And so I have to keep using Microsoft, but for the ones like a trip to a cafe, or for a group project, this can do so many useful things and can make you even more productive. 

 and speaking of cafe, on a one random night, Bryan and I decided to talk about our business plan, Yaaaas on a cafe pa xD

 So many dreams and plans were build that night *fingers crossed*♥

and here we go again, we the trio in search of the incredible... food in the middle of the night!
Yellow Cab !

this was taken on a different and we opted for a buffet dinner. 
Heaven *O*

During one of my work days, when I feel like spending my money to some stuff that I assumed will make me full but not really :3
But still did coz of the oddly pleasing visuals. 

That's Matcha btw ♥ for the matcha hunt series

My oh my this was the bomb ! and I swear these Chicken at Buffalo Wings and Things are so delicious !!!! so much I think I'm gonna grow my chicken wings any time soon T^T legit fell in love at first bite ♥

He's done it before and I think it's safe to say that my man tends to buy me anything matcha flavored food whenever he feels like I'm going to throw some major tantrums ;___; sorry naaa :3

Matcha Bun from Kumori !!
Too bad my intestines aren't satisfied with a single bread so maybe patatlo ako next time ? xD hahahahaha

At this point, people are legit questioning my love for matcha. So yes kasing bitter ko sya. And yes, it tastes like "grass" obviously because it is made from green tea. -_- the bitter, the better, the more authentic, the more feels I get T^T 
and this Matcha drink was an impulse bought from one of my strolls in the mall. #NoRegrets

and I super duper love whenever I see matcha stuffs on a regular daily basis, 
like this matcha icecream from Yellow Cab !! It's so goooooood!♥
so much for my matcha hunt ! :D
My heart is soooo happy !

My man likes to take me to the cinema to watch some superheros recycled movies you know the drill what. -_-
but this was probably the best Tagalog movie I have seen in a while. "100 Tula Para Kay Stella".- Not a cliche plot. It's realistic compare from the "Kita Kita" hype which I've watched too.(love it btw) yet I think this one deserves more recognition T^T

it effin made me cry ;___;
honestly,  this was the first time I saw JC Santos and I hardly know him but daaaaaaaaaaaamn that acting!! It's so on point and he be looking like my next boyfriend *ehem* what a fine man he is. 
This movie stated that you can never really be sure of someone's feelings unless spoken. It showed how time can play such an important role to our lives.
Say it, while you have the chance..

and I'm gonna stop here before I spill some spoilers for those who haven not seen it yet. 
Probably my fave tagalog movie so far. Hope filipino movie creators can do more movies like this. Not the kabit-si ganito, may kabit si ganyan sort of. Nakakaumay. This is exactly a breath of fresh air ! 10/10

Stella, whyyy ? :/

aaaaand we have reached the rock bottom of this entry, again I apologized for being so inactive! Gomen ne minna-san!

Hoping to get on track na after this update.

I love you guys and thank you for the continuous views and support this blog gets. I may or may not know you all personally, in fact I don't think someone I know actually reads this page so yeaaah.

To all unheard and silent readers, thank you! and I hope we can interact here some more! Drop a comment so we can converse and get to know each other ♥

Til here, 


Sunday, August 6, 2017

July 2017

Hey hey hey !! I'm back.
July is all about stuffing myself with unhealthy foods lol 
and of course consuming carbs comes with consuming your wallet too so yeah literally broke throughout July. Yep.. 

Aside from the broke ass department, I also experienced some huge stresses from my work. Ugh -_- and I'm just so so so happy, it's all over now as I'm typing this. :3

Everyone who personally knew me, knows how indecisive I can be. 
And most of the time it shows on my hair... 
I think I mentioned it on my previous entry that I cut my hair short.
So for July, I, again cut my hair shorter -_-
and idk why I just did. 
Even if I look like a fat dora idgaf hahahaha 
I once again opted for an apple cut. :D
Alam ko nawindang kayo sa mukha kong pang jumpscare. Wag kayong ano.
I used Zenfone Live for this photo. So if you noticed I look fairer and my nose can no longer be seen. You now have a full floured tempura. 

Ok, let's proceed. -_-

I got to meet my friends too!
Hi Alvin and Vien! (this was taken before I cut ma hurr)

 Had a simple lunch at Zarks!

If you're a Starbucks junkie, you know they initiated a Php100 Grande every Wednesday for the entire month of July. and ehem being the feeling mayaman pero wala namang pera me, eto na ang chance ko mag feeling mayaman kase istatus simbol to. 3/4 ata mamshie, so obviously kinana ko sya lolol

at dahil ramdam ko na ang diabetus kicking in, I stopped na. Joke lang! wala lang akong pera nung pang 4th wk hahahahahaha 

I know at this point, you guys are thinking how glutton of a person I am. Sorry naaaaa (-A-)

Wendy's became my go-to whenever I eat alone T^T

and on a different day, my dear girlfriend, Edz and I tried Kim N' Chi.
Their food display looks so similar to what the japanese have!

This is what Edz ordered, a Seafood Omurice.
 and this is mine, Beef Omurice and to tell you the serving is so winner haha di nagtitipid. Panalo mga mamshie. You guys better try this out too :D
I paid for like Php125-135? Super affordable for this kind of food presentation and awesome sauce taste!

My sister had her 25th birthday last July 20. 
Thought of a very last minute birthday surprise for her!
I was only thinking of giving her my gift and a cake but I thought it would be too plain and normal so I bought banners and balloons on the same day and made a little decoration on our room. 
 My brother and Bryan helped me fix things T^T thank you guys!

This was all I could manage to do but for a short time preparing, ppwede na yan :D

and tadaaaaaaaaa! She was so dumfounded and don't know what to do lolol.
I love you Ate. 
Happy Birthday!! I know you feel so many pressure and responsibilities weighing on your shoulders but I'll be here with you :)
We'll be both successful someday and make Mama and Papa proud !

 and for the actual celebration, we had a family dinner with our now extended fam ♥

on the other note, I think it's normal for a woman to actually crave for some alone time with some drinks while watching Gossip Girl.
I find it a very #adulting to do lol

Onto my catsssss!
here we can see Momoring being so girly sleeping beside a flower vase 
so kawaiiii >*<
So beautiful.

So that's it guys. I know it's super late na ! Things are kinda rough these days so I didn't have time to blog. 
Anyways, if you have endured my boring content and made your way til here then you're the bomb! 

Thank you guys! Hope to see on my next post!
I love youuuu ♥♥♥ :*


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Art Karnival: Boysen Color Play

Last June, Boysen participated at SM North's event, Art Karnival with their Boysen Mix and Match Color Play Set-Up. 

It's the most colorful maze I've ever seen with their bright colors making the white vibe of the mall look dull.

My friend Edz and I tried it coz why not :p and above all, it's free!!

Upon entering this sugoii af maze, you'll find blocks these cubes filled with different shapes and colors.

 she does look happy choosing lolol
Even though she preferred the violets only- her fave color. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

June 2017

Hey Hey Hey! it's me again Grace, 
and look at me shamelessly blogging my first entry for July. Super duper late I know hahahaha and I'm sorry!

So eto na nga, medyo naging busy lang ang lola mo last June coz of the numerous occasions.

Starting with Father's Day. :)
Hi Dad!! ♥
Family Dinner out.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Lumineers "Sleep on the Floor"

Have you experience listening to a song for the very first time and find yourself hooked on it ? Here's the best example guys and I'm telling you this song give me all the feels I never knew were there !!

What I love about this song, is that it's a complete nostalgia for me. 
All the more with the message itself. Going away with someone and just letting life where it takes you. 

♪♪Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
'Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown
Baby come on♪♪


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Five Things To Do Less Often

So I was contemplating a while ago just about everything and I ended up with this topic. There are some things we tend to over-do that we doesn't necessarily need to. We may be doing it over the top without knowing and we still think it's okay. And I might be guilty with some of these but let's see if you happen too!

So without further ado, let's start!

Here are the five things we need to do less often:

1.) Taking photos of your food.
- Guilty me! But honestly, it's an old story people got used on doing it on a normal basis. We take photos of our food instead of praying first. It's sad that we forgot the main reason why we're all gathered in the dining table.
We get that it's too pleasing in your eyes to not take photo that will serve as a remembrance especially when it's on your fave or fancy restaurant, but doing a little less of it will surely do you good. :)

Can we just munch on food already ? :D

2.) Drinking alcohol religiously.
Alcohol became a huge part of almost every event. Birthdays? Graduation? worst, a heartbreak? it's always there. But as much as I hate to break it up to you. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis could get you in serious health trouble. While it may also contain chemicals that can do good to your body, the downside of it can double up. I, myself drink alcohol, but I only do it when I feel like and that doesn't mean everyday. Once a while is enough and a self control can help you too!

3.) Staying out ALL THE TIME.
Hey! Hi! You still have a family who's waiting for you at home. 
 Sure you don't want to miss out on a that friend's night out at your go-to club or a sleepover at your SO's house while you do netflix and chill but really, you do it more often that you're missing some important people at your home. How about a cooking sesh together with your mom ? or even simply joining them for dinner? A quality time for your fam can never beat any of those I have mentioned above. Spend some time with them while you can coz at the very end of the day, they are the ones who really care for you. 

4.) Posting so much on social media.
Yes, posting every little thing on social media can be quite interesting and superb annoying. First, no one likes to see their newsfeed looking like it's your own timeline with your flood posts. You need to chill woman. Second, posting too much about yourself can get you in danger, so better be careful sharing everything before you hit that post button. Third, it really does get annoying over time. How about loosening it up a bit and enjoy more of what's outside your mobile screen ?

5.) Comparing yourself.
Admittedly guilty girl here ! Whether it's about their rich lifestyle, or by how the way they look. You know just because they're much prettier, richer or sexier doesn't mean you're not. Well here's the good news, you can be! just in a unique way. Don't let these insecurities brainwash your mind and your heart. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Stop comparing yourself to them, you're all good on your own girl!

and there's so many more!
But that's all I could come up with right now since it's already way past 11 pm.
btw, did you fall into some of those ? IF you happen to.
Tara let's help each other, bawas bawasan natin :)